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Building your unique business ecosystem

Having experience in developing HanaCare super-app with a strong team, we are confident in our ability to consult, support, and build your unique business ecosystem.

Ecommerce & OMS

Mobile SuperApp

Data Lake Solution

Do You Need a Business Ecosystem?

Many managers, fearful of missing out on this trend, feel compelled to come up with their own business ecosystems—or at least to become part of some large emerging ecosystems. But they struggle with the broad scope of the concept, unclear definitions, and the lack of practical advice.

We suggest thinking of a business ecosystem as a solution to a business problem, as a way to organize in order to realize a specific value proposition. To this end, a business ecosystem is a governance model that competes with other ways of organizing the creation of a product or service, such as a vertically integrated organization, a hierarchical supply chain, or an open-market model.


What We Offer

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Discover your needs

With our expert team, we don't just work on your requests; we collaborate with you to create tailored solutions based on your needs, pain-points, and our discoveries.

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Provide LHD products

Ecommerce, OMS, Superapp, Data platform are provided to you base on real experience we run our own business. That's why we can help you building  fast and stable.

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Maintain your system

Our DevSecOps team has many years work on AWS, GCP, Azure and private clouds, confident to support you not just to maintain your infrastructure but also for security side.

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Build your tailor-made solution

Solution for business who want to scale your system with a limited developer resource. We provide Solution Architect, Product Owner, Project Manager, UI/UX designer, Business Analyst, QAQC, DevSecOps and developers.

HanaCare -
Realtime super-app prototype

HanaCare is a healthcare super app platform built by LHD. Within HanaCare, we offer customers access to hundreds of mini-apps from both our partners and ourselves. This comprehensive ecosystem empowers users to enhance their well-being through learning, practicing, and monitoring various aspects of their health. Additionally, users can seamlessly access products and services from HanaCare partners, guided by Hapi AI's intelligent recommendations.

Reports Management

​Users Management

Access List


What Our Clients Say

Our Clients
"Thanks to the BI193 portal team. They were professional, knowledgeable, and responsive throughout the entire process. We highly recommend their services to any business looking to streamline their data operations."

Mike Nguyen,
Solution Architect

"The team worked closely with us to understand our needs and provided tailored solutions that have improved our data accuracy, security, and accessibility. They are highly skilled and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction."

Khanh Tran,

Data Science

"They helped us identify areas where we could optimize our data management processes and provided us with actionable recommendations that have resulted in significant cost savings for our business."

Duyen Bui,
Accounting Manager

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our BI193 Portal

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